Interchange 6-9 Widening Program – NSI and SNI Roadway Rehabilitation – Paving, Barrier, Bridge Repair and Reforestation – Milepost 47.4 to 61.0 – Contract No. T869.120.904

Project Information

Award: 2014 NJAPA Annual Pavement Award

Award Category: Category 1 – New construction or major rehabilitation of a state highway or toll road with a minimum of 10,000 tons of asphalt pavement.

Award Presented By: New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association (NJAPA)

Contracting Agent: New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Project Location: Burlington and Mercer Counties, NJ

Material Supplier: Trap Rock Industries

Asphalt Tonnage: 174,000 Tons

Major Work Items: Milling, Paving, Barrier Repairs, Bridge Repairs and Reforestation

Project Highlights:

This project consisted of Milling and Paving to a depth of 2 ½” for the three (3) Travel Lanes and Right Shoulder as well as reconstructing the Left Shoulder to a depth of 6” from MP 61 to 47.4 on the New Jersey Turnpike Inner Roadway both Northbound and Southbound from essentially Interchange 7A to just south of Interchange 6. The travel lanes and right shoulder were paved with one 2 ½” course of a mix designation 12.5M76 and the left shoulder was paved with one 3 ½” course of 25M64 Base Course and one 2 ½” Course of 12.5M76 Surface Course. The total surface course placed was 140,000 Tons and the total base course placed was 34,000 Tons. Approximately 2.0 miles were resurfaced at the southern end of the project under nightly lane closures. The remaining 11.0 miles of roadway in the northerly direction and southern direction were paved under a full roadway closure. All three (3) travel lanes in both directions in the full closure were paved in echelon utilizing (1) Paver set @ 12’ wide & (1) Paver set @ 24’ wide. All travel lanes were profile milled utilizing a 12’ wide milling drum. All travel lanes in the full closure were subject to an IRI Index of 75.0 for zero payment adjustment. Bonus payment adjustments were awarded for lot readings below 75.0 and deduct payment adjustments were assessed for lot readings above 75.0. Project achieved a net bonus for the paving of the travel lanes. Also important note that project was built under a compressed schedule, all paving work as well as bridge deck rehabilitation throughout the project alignment was to be completed under the full closure in a duration of approximately 5.5 months.