Newark Liberty International Airport – Rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R and Delay Reduction Initiatives – Contract EWR 154.172

Project Information

Award: 2014 NJAPA Annual Pavement Award

Award Category: Category 6 – New construction, rehabilitation or resurfacing of an airport project with a minimum of 1,000 tons of asphalt pavement

Award Presented By: New Jersey Asphalt Pavement Association (NJAPA)

Contracting Agent: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Project Location: Newark, NJ

Material Supplier: Tilcon New York, Inc.

Asphalt Tonnage: 100,000

Major Work Items: Milling, Excavation, Asphalt Paving, Concrete Paving, FAA / Aeronautical Lighting and Electrical Systems, Concrete slab Stabilization, Boring / Drilling, Strom Drainage, Fire Protection Systems, Disposal of Contaminated Soils, Pavement Markings, Safety Grooving and Landscaping

Project Highlights:

The construction contract consisted of rehabilitation of the existing 11,000 ft long by 150 ft wide runway including, but not limited to, the milling and replacement of the 3” thick asphalt surface course, the complete overhaul of the electrical infrastructure including duct banks and base cans associated with the runway and all cross-taxiways, replacement of the concrete pavement at the intersection of Runways 4L-22R and 11-29, the construction of three new taxiways crossing Runway 4L-22R and the construction of one Taxiway realignment.

The contract required that a total of 17,000 cubic yards of concrete to be placed, 100,000 tons of asphalt to be placed and 1,500 centerline/touch down zone / edge lighting fixture to be installed, including new underground conduit, base cans and wiring. Additionally, 450 taxiway centerline lights, including transformers and wiring needed to be replaced on associated taxiways. Approach lightings (MALSR System) was replaced for both 4L and 22R approach, including 136 lights and associated control cabinets, transformers, underground conduit and wiring and over 100 new guidance signs.

Crisdel Group, Inc. was required to work in sequence according to pre-determined stages based on the Authority’s Operational Requirements, with the majority of the work listed above completed during a 60-day closure of Runway 4L-22R and a 15-day closure of Runway 11-29.