Interchange 8 Utilities and Off-Site Improvements Contract T869.120.602

Project Information

Contracting Agent: New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Project Location: East Windsor, NJ

Major Work Items: Demolition of existing building structures, Asbestos Removal, Off-Site Disposal of ID-27 Waste, Temporary Sheeting, Excavation, Light Weight Fill, Utility Relocation for Telephone, Electric and Gas, 8” Ductile Iron Water Pipe, 2” Copper Water Pipe, 8” PVC Sewer Pipe, 12” Ductile Iron Sewer Force Main, 30” Ductile Iron Sewer Pipe, Bypass Connection Chamber – 12” Pipe, (2) Pump Stations Utility Buildings with Pumping Controls backup Generators and Apparatus, 12”-24+ Reinforced Concrete Culvert Drainage Pipe, Asphalt Paving, Building Construction for New DPW Maintenance Garage.

Project Highlights:

As part of the New Jersey Turnpike Interchange 6-9 Widening Program, Crisdel Group, Inc. teamed up with Sordoni Construction to form Crisdel-Sordoni, JV and construct Interchange 8 Utilities and Off-Site Improvements, Contract T869.12-.602. While Sordoni concentrated on the building construction work required to construct East Windsor’s Department of Public Works Maintenance Facility and the Pump Station Structures, Crisdel Group performed the remainder of all the work including but not limited to: building demolition, excavation, utility relocation, sanitary sewer work including mechanical piping inside pump stations, waterline construction, storm drainage, electrical work, asphalt paving, concrete paving and landscaping.