Roundout West Branch Bypass Tunnel & Wawarsing Repairs to the Delaware

Project Information

Client: Kiewit-Shea Constructors, AJV

Project Location: Newburgh, NY

Major Work Items: 20” diameter butt-fused HDPE force main

Project Highlights:

Crisdel Group, Inc. was awarded the construction of the 6,800-linear foot temporary 20” force main for the dewatering system to construct the bypass tunnel.

This scope of work is a vital part of the precursory work required to construct a bypass tunnel under the Hudson River, between two shafts, at Newburgh and Wappinger that are 900 feet and 700 feet deep respectively. The tunnel, which is part of NYDEP’s $2.1 billion upgrade initiative to repair the Delaware Aqueduct and upgrade other parts of NYC’s water supply system, is designed to bypass a damaged section of the Roundout-West Branch Tunnel.