Crisdel Group, Inc. is a leader in the heavy civil construction industry. Our vast experience and expertise allows us to provide a wide range of services for projects of any type and size.



Crisdel Group, Inc. performs complex civil, industrial and infrastructure construction projects throughout our geographical market area to our commercial, public agencies and general contractor clients.



We are dedicated and passionate about professional development at Crisdel. Our team demonstrates and fosters leadership, professionalism and expertise to our workplace.



Crisdel operates throughout the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida areas. Crisdel has built successful relationships with clients by our dedicated service.


Crisdel Group, Inc. is an industry leading paving, site preparation and infrastructure contractor serving markets in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.

With our corporate office based in South Plainfield, NJ and with a regional office in Tampa, FL, Crisdel has more than 45 years of experience on a diverse range of construction projects for both public sector agencies and private clients alike.

Crisdel’s commitment to superior customer service, dedication to safety and consistent high quality of our products and services is provided by our passionate team of employees, and led by Frank F. Criscola and his two sons, Frank A. Criscola and Michael J. Criscola.

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Asphalt Care for Winter

asphalt care for winter

Once you’ve finally updated your asphalt parking lot, it is important to protect it during the winter. The freeze thaw cycle that occurs during the cold-weather months damages the asphalt surface and causes potholes. Learn how to protect your asphalt lot with the following tips. Hire professionals to clean the surface. The first step to... Read more >

Asphalt Parking Lots


First impressions are incredibly important when building a customer base. Oftentimes, a newly paved or well-maintained parking lot is the first impression customers will receive from your local business. Is the lot clean, free of potholes and cracks and have newly installed painted pavement markings and/or stripes? If the answer is no, consider adding a... Read more >

Waterline Construction Services


Waterline construction is an important part of the building process for residential, commerical , industrial and infrastructure projects When it comes to constructing new utility infrastructure for development projects, waterline construction is an important part of the process. Crisdel is highly experienced in this part of the construction process. In today’s post, we will discuss... Read more >

Structural Concrete Services in the Tri-State Area

Asphalt Paving Services NJ, NY & PA

The demand for structural concrete services in the NJ, NY, and eastern PA continues to grow The tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania continues to see major changes with construction of commercial , industrial and infrastructure projects. Because of this, the need for structural concrete services continues to grow. Crisdel offers clients... Read more >

Installation of Storm Water Drainage Systems

Asphalt Paving Services NJ, NY & PA

Storm Water Drainage Systems Installation Tips Storm water drainage systems are important for the environment because it lessens the degree of pollution, erosion, flooding and other environmental and health issues. Storm water drainage systems are required on residential, commercial and industrial properties. Drainage systems are built on all developed properties to control ground water runoff... Read more >

Construction Industry Myths Debunked


For one reason or another, the construction industry has been the target of rumors and myths for decades. Those myths have actually hurt the industry, forcing some very talented people to look for work in other areas because they feel they might not be qualified for the jobs available. These myths need to be addressed... Read more >

Newark Airport – Reconstruction Of Runway 4L-22R and Runway 11-29 Intersection


Crisdel Group, Inc. reconstructed the intersection of Runway 4L-22R and Runway 11-29 over a 15 day closure in June of 2014. During this time frame an astonishing amount of work (including, but not limited to; concrete pavement removal, grading, asphalt paving, electrical kerf cuts and base can installation, concrete paving, installation of electrical cable and... Read more >

Better Water Quality

Asphalt Pavement Alliance - Logo

Porous asphalt… Conserves water Allows for better use of land Reduces runoff Promotes infiltration Cleans stormwater Replenishes aquifers Protects streams Porous asphalt offers a powerful tool in the toolbox for storm-water management In the natural environment, rainfall sinks into soil, filters through it, and eventually finds its way to streams, ponds, lakes, and underground aquifers.... Read more >

Going the Extra Mile to Keep I-78 Rolling

Foley  - Cat Logo

Interstate 78 near Newark New Jersey’s Liberty International Airport carries roughly 138,000 vehicles every day, rivaling the notorious congestion found in neighboring New York City. Imagine trying to maintain that traffic flow while reconstructing three and a half miles of the roadway. including all five lanes in each direction the shoulders, bridge decks and drainage... Read more >