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Construction Services

Crisdel Group, Inc., has served the New York–New Jersey metropolitan area for more than 50 years. Begun in 1968 by Frank F. Criscola and two partners, the company earned a solid reputation as a quality-driven paving subcontractor to various general contractors in the industrial and commercial sectors.

After many years in the industrial and commercial paving business, Crisdel expanded its operations to serve the public sector in addition to its private sector clients. Frank F. Criscola acquired the company from his partners in 1977 and has since expanded operations with assistance from a second generation — sons Frank A. Criscola and Michael J. Criscola, who have joined the business and has helped, broadened the company to serve all aspects of the civil construction industry.

Today, Crisdel’s operations can accommodate all client needs from large to small. While our specialty business is asphalt paving, we self perform most civil and heavy construction requirements. The diversity of our employees’ experience in the field, the young talent that we train in our processes and the consistently high quality of our work help ensure the success of your project.