Structural Concrete Services in the Tri-State Area

September 2015

The demand for structural concrete services in the NJ, NY, and eastern PA continues to grow

The tri-state area of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania continues to see major changes with construction of commercial , industrial and infrastructure projects. Because of this, the need for structural concrete services continues to grow. Crisdel offers clients these services in the tri-state area for a variety of projects.

Bridge Structures

One concrete service that Crisdel offers is that of constructing new bridge structures. Crisdel has successfully completed various projects for clients such as the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) and private organizations.

On one such project, Crisdel contracted with NJDOT to reconstruct both the Eastbound and Westbound bridge structures over Berkshire Valley Road on Rt. 80 in Roxbury Twsp. NJ.

Crisdel also took part in the widening of the New Jersey Turnpike from Interchange 6 to Interchange 9. Crisdel, along with a joint-venture partner, built the new Route 133 Bridge over Route 33 that created a direct connection from Route 33 to the brand new Interchange 8 toll plaza. On a separate contract with NJTA, Crisdel built (3) three bridge structure over the NJ Turnpike in Mercer County.

Building & Structural Foundations

One of the most utilized uses for concrete in the world is for the construction of various types of foundations. Crisdel has experience in the construction of structural reinforced concrete foundations for building foundations and walls, sign and sign pole foundations, light pole foundations, foundations for canopies and much more.

Whether the project calls for a deep foundation for a high-rise urban building or a structural reinforced concrete foundation for a marquee sign, Crisdel has the expertise to handle the project.

Retaining Walls

Pre-Cast and Cast-In Place retaining walls are found in residential, commerical and industrial properties and are utilized for varying reasons, but most notably, are used to retain the earth on sloping project sites to allow for site preparation and development.

Crisdel has the experience and expertise in constructing reinforced cast-in-place concrete retaining walls, pre-cast concrete block retaining walls and mechanically stabilized earth retaining walls for various applications.

Reinforced Concrete Roadways

Crisdel also has experience working on projects involving reinforced concrete roadways. A reinforced concrete roadway is one that utilizes reinforcing steel and contraction joints to prevent cracking in the pavement as much as possible. When this is used to pave new roadways or repair cracked roadways, the outcome is a surface capable of withstanding heavy loads of traffic because it is continuous and smooth riding.

Underpinning of Building Foundations

Another popular structural concrete service provided by Crisdel is that of underpinning of building foundations. Underpinning is done to strengthen the foundation of a building that has already been constructed. It is required for various reasons, including the following:

  • The current foundation is not strong enough to support the building
  • The properties of the soil supporting the foundation of the building have changed
  • The way the building is used has changed
  • It is more affordable to repair the building’s current foundation instead of pouring a brand new one
  • Stabilization is needed due to earthquake, flood or drought

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