Waterline Construction Services

September 2015




Waterline construction is an important part of the building process for residential, commercial , industrial and infrastructure projects

When it comes to constructing new utility infrastructure for development projects, waterline construction is an important part of the process. Crisdel is highly experienced in this part of the construction process. In today’s post, we will discuss the types of waterline construction services provided by Crisdel.

Domestic Water Services

A superior domestic clean water water system is crucial to our economic engine and our national utility infrastructure because it provides a safe source of reliable clean water for manufacturing and human consumption.; The installation of a domestic waterline is complicated and must be done by a trusted contractor. Crisdel can install a new waterline service for a domestic property, repair an existing system or relocate the system should an addition be built where the current system runs.

Fire Protection

Everyone wants to know they are protected from fire while in a hotel, office building, medical building, apartment, condominium or other type of private residence. Many people walk into a structure and immediately look for fire alarms or FDC (fire department connection) just as a way to reassure themselves that they are safe. Crisdel has experience with waterline construction for the purpose of fire protection on commercial and industrial site projects that require exterior supply of water for fire protection. These services include installation of fire hydrants and water mains to building specifically for protection.


What are wet-taps exactly? Wet-tapping is the easiest way to connect a new pipe to an existing one without interrupting the flow of water. The process involves a tapping sleeve, which is installed around the existing pipe that needs to be tapped, a tapping valve and a tapping machine. The tapping valve is attached to the sleeve and then the machine is attached to the valve. The machine then uses a drill bit to cut through the pipe to attach the new pipe.

Temporary Services

Does your commercial or industrial property need temporary water services? If so, Crisdel can install a temporary waterline service that can be removed when a project is complete. It can also move an already installed waterline service to a temporary location.

Contact Crisdel today to talk with experienced contractors about your upcoming waterline construction project for commercial or industrial properties.

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