Construction Industry Myths Debunked

July 2015

For one reason or another, the construction industry has been the target of rumors and myths for decades. Those myths have actually hurt the industry, forcing some very talented people to look for work in other areas because they feel they might not be qualified for the jobs available. These myths need to be addressed and debunked in order to keep the industry going strong. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the most common construction industries and then debunk them so talented candidates do not miss out on great opportunities.


Construction Work is Only for Last Resort

A major construction industry myth is that construction work is only for those who are unemployable or who need a job as a last resort. This myth cannot be further from the truth. The majority of workers in the construction industry are there because they chose it as a career and want to be there. They work construction due to the higher wages paid in the construction industry, paid holidays, overtime pay and most importantly, the gratification of building something with their hands.


Construction Workers Don’t Have to be Educated

Another myth of the construction industry is that construction workers do not need to have an education. A large portion of jobs within the construction industry require skills and talents that typically do not come naturally. These skills or talents must be learned. This means that in order to work some jobs in construction, the employees will need to enroll in and complete a trade school or technical school program in order to obtain certain jobs. Construction workers also need to know mathematics and how to read blueprints in order to be successful within the industry.


There is No Advancement in the Construction Industry

A common myth that there is no way for construction workers to advance in their careers is definitely false. It might be commonplace for some construction workers not to take it upon themselves to advance for one reason or another, but this does not affect the entire industry. One such way of advancing a career in the construction industry is by working your way up, from the ground level of a skilled tradesman to an elevated managerial salary position. Other options include taking the knowledge that you have learned working your way through the ranks and going out on your own to start your own company and serve as owner/general manager.


Work in Construction Brings Constant Danger

The fourth construction industry myth we will debunk today is that all work in the industry is dangerous. Dangers can be present if the employee does not know basic safety procedures or fails to follow them on purpose. Because of this, construction companies make it a top priority to ensure that their work sites and employees are safe at all times. It goes without saying that some job sites will be inherently dangerous because of the type of work, but not every construction job requires making life or death decisions. Construction workers are protected by policies, procedures and standards set forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).


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