Million-Dollar Makeover of Bayshore Boulevard will Extend Bike Lanes, Lower Speed Limit

March 2018

Tampa City Council is expected to approve $1.7 million in enhancements to Bayshore Boulevard during a meeting Thursday.

Part of the plan with the Florida Department of Transportation includes lowering the speed limit from 40 to 35 miles per hour. Proposed improvements would extend the southbound bike lanes on Bayshore Boulevard between Gandy Boulevard and South Howard Avenue. The money would also fund new sidewalks and improved pedestrian ramps to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

The project would also improve drainage at Wallcraft Avenue and reset existing granite curbs to improve safety and the overall flow of traffic.

New Jersey-based Crisdel Group was the winning bidder on the project. Other bidders included Florida Safety Contractors, Blacktip Services and Ajax Paving Industries of Florida.

The city proposed major changes to parts of Bayshore Boulevard in February to increase cyclist and pedestrian safety. Among the other proposals were plans to widen lanes and add reflective, flashing beacons at three crossings south of Howard Avenue to Platt Street.

Those plans are underway with the Florida Department of Transportation.

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