Newark Airport – Reconstruction Of Runway 4L-22R and Runway 11-29 Intersection

June 2014

Crisdel Group, Inc. reconstructed the intersection of Runway 4L-22R and Runway 11-29 over a 15 day closure in June of 2014. During this time frame an astonishing amount of work (including, but not limited to; concrete pavement removal, grading, asphalt paving, electrical kerf cuts and base can installation, concrete paving, installation of electrical cable and runway lighting fixtures) had to be completed in order to avoid being assessed $1,000,000 per day liquidated damages by the PANYNJ. As you can see, the work went smoothly, without a hitch being completed on-time. A great job by Crisdel employees, subcontractors and PANYNJ!

SOURCE: Crisdel Group, Inc.


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