Jobs in the Asphalt Pavement Industry: Who We Are and What We Do

December 2018

One-third of our nation’s highways are currently in poor condition and construction unemployment is at twice the national rate; there has been a heavy debate on whether highway funding will create jobs for Americans. The debate on highway funding involves many variables and speculations, which make it difficult to accurately measure the true impact it may have.

Asphalt pavement workers are leaders in the construction and maintenance of America’s road and highway transportation network. Asphalt jobs are truly jobs that cannot be outsourced; these positions are filled by people who live and work in the areas they serve. Asphalt jobs are also well-known as green jobs, with nearly every worker being part of the reuse and recycle process.

Asphalt jobs include asphalt plant managers, administrators, road crews, researchers, engineers, support personnel and etc. Every worker plays a critical role in the building and maintenance of the roads we drive on every day.

Laborers we see on the roads are just a small part of the asphalt equation. Our infrastructure could not be built without many other positions in this industry including:

TRUCK DRIVERS: Transport raw materials to asphalt plants and pavement mix to our job sites.

PAVING & COMPACTION CREWS: Lay and compact asphalt.

ASPHALT MIX PRODUCERS: Combine the aggregates and liquid in 3,500 plants across the country.

RAW MATERIALS SUPPLIERS: Provides stone, sand, and gravel that makes up 95% of asphalt; and liquid asphalt which holds pavement together and makes up the remaining 5% of asphalt.

MANUFACTURING WORKERS: Make the tools and equipment needed for producing, transporting, paving and compacting asphalt pavements.


THOUSANDS OF OTHERS: Providing managerial, administrative, and accounting support to asphalt pavement businesses.

Asphalt pavement jobs provide Americans with long-lasting positions that serve the American people, enabling a higher standard of living for all. These positions enhance our economic development in an environmentally sustainable way.

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